We are Gain Secure. Born in the cloud with experience from brick and mortar.
It is our business to help you to transform digitally and bring your business to the next level by integrating the cloud technologies with your business because transformation should be customer driven and not technology driven.

Our Offerings

Cloud Migration Program


Today our digital lifestyle is powered by the cloud: from web browsers, search engines, social media to your favourite apps. Research* had estimated that the global cloud market could reach the USD$1Trillion mark by 2027 and the pandemic situation could push it even higher with Asia Pacific region anticipated to be the fastest growing.

This shows cloud is not a trend, it’s the new reality. It’s an enabler, not a barrier. Embrace it, and it will helps your business to grow leap and bound. Disregard it, be ready to be outpaced by your competitors. However, to embark on such digital transformation journey can be quite challenging without the right partner.

Let 2021 break such barriers. As part of our Cloud Migration Program offering , Gain Secure now offers free Azure Starter Pack Offer to securely transition your operations on to the cloud to give you a head start with your digital transformation journey.

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Please Note: This offer is limited to the first 10 customers. T&C applied. Out of Scope: Re-platform and Refactoring

Our Offerings


Application Modernization

Upgrade your existing legacy applications and modernize the platform to give it the extra capabilities and functionality to do more.


Middleware and API

Integration and interface. All you need to hook up different software to interact and work together.


Infrastructure Modernization

Replace your legacy hardware infrastructure, consolidate and rationalize it with new and improved cloud native systems that give automation.


Cloud Cognitive Services

AI services to make your apps more intelligent, giving it the ability to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret your user needs.


Application Security Assessment

Protect your applications from multiple threats, including DDos attacks.


Cloud Infrastructure Security Assessment

Protect your cloud infrastructure from advanced threats across hybrid cloud workloads.


Cloud Cost Optimization

Optimize your cloud spending to get more value out of the cloud investments.


M365 and Collaboration

Give people the ability to do their best work every day to connect, collaborate and get work done from anywhere more efficiently, effectively and securely.

Our Principles

Customer First

We start with the customer ‘expected result’ and work backwards. We work hard to earn and keep customer trust. To us, customers always come first.

Innovate and Simplify

Innovation is part of our thinking and Simplification is part of the execution. It’s part of our everyday work. We simplify what is complex.

Think Big, Act Small

We think big to create bold direction, ambitious to overachieve and communicate that inspire results. Yet, we act small to look around for ways to serve our customers better. We are meticulous in work and ambitious in thinking.


All of us are owners of our work. We owned what we do and proudly show it. We think long term value instead of short-term results as we will owned the result too.

Insist on the Highest Standards

We have uncompromisingly high standards because that’s what our customers expect from us. We continuously raised the bar to deliver beyond their expectations.

Trust and Respect

Trust and Respect are the basis for all of us here in Gain Secure. We always listen attentively, speak truthfully, and treat others respectfully.

Deliver Results

Delivery of results timely and within budget is always in our focus. Setbacks exist only to be overcome. We always rise to the occasion and never settle for less.

Curious and Learn Continuously

We are always curious about how things work and seek to learn more to improve ourselves. Learning how things work open up endless possibilities.

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